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Culture and Wellbeing: Voting

Guide to support events in the Library, College and the wider environment.
About Voting and Elections
The United Kingdom is made up of 650 parliamentary constituencies, which each elect a representative to take a seat in the House of Commons.
Any party which can accumulate 326 seats will hold a majority in the house.
The political party with the highest number of elected members will usually form the Government, even if they do not have the majority of seats.
On the 12th December 2019 the United Kingdom held a General Election to select the current members of the U.K. Parliament.
The previous elections were held on the 8th June 2017 and 7th May 2015.

Recommended Books

Recommended Journals

Key Websites

House of Commons Library
The House of Commons Library is a research and information service based in UK Parliament.

UK Parliament
Research and analysis about the Houses of Commons and Lords, each plays an important role in how Parliament works.

The websites of all government departments and many other agencies and public bodies.

BBC Election Coverage
BBC coverage of the UKs General Election.

ITV Election Coverage
ITV coverage of the UKs General Election.

Voting Counts
Voting Counts aims to be a simple, unbiased political resource that helps make informed decisions about voting.

City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council
Details about why you should register to vote along with links to local candidates and Constituencies.

Political Parties

The following poltical parties are contesting seats in the local areas in and around Bradford* :
Alliance For Green Socialism Alliance For Green Socialism
Brexit Party Brexit Party
Conservative Party Conservative Party
Green Party Green Party
Heavy Woollen District Independents Heavy Woollen District Independents
Labour Party Labour Party
Liberal Democrats Liberal Democrats
Liberal Party Liberal Party
Social Democratic Party Social Democratic Party
Yorkshire Party Yorkshire Party
*There are a number of independent local candidates not affiliated with any larger groups or parties.