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Cultural Capital: Learning Disabilities

Guide to support events in the Library, College and the wider environment.
About Learning Disabilities
The term "Learning disability" covers a wide spectrum of conditions which can impacts each person differently.
It is commonly believed that a learning disability occurs due to the development of a person's brain being affected either before they were born, during their birth or in their early childhood.
They usually results in the intellectual ability of a person to be effected, and for them to have difficulties with some everyday activities.
While a person with a learning disability may require more time and support to learn or develop new skills, it does not mean it is beyond them.

Databases, Journals and Websites

Issues Online
Journal Of Research in Special Educational Needs
Support for Learning
Learning Disabilities
Learning Disability Quarterly
British Journal of Learning Disabilities
Insights on Learning Disabilities
Turning Research into Practice
National Health Service
British Institute of Learning Difficulties
Public Health England