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Citing and Referencing: The Basics

Simple guidance for Citing and Referencing.

The Basics

All of the assignments you submit while at College have to be all your own work.
You will be expected to include additional material to support your research when creating a piece of academic writing.

When you include any material which is not your own work you need to acknowledge the source you have used in the form of an in-text citation, and also as an entry in a reference list.
Inclusion of additional material can take the form of a direct quote (citing) or the rewording of the original text (paraphrasing).

Failure to correctly identify sources you utilise in your work could open you up to accusations of plagiarism.

The purpose of this guide is to help navigate you through how to use Harvard referencing; illustrating how to include citations in the body of your work and how to complete a reference list.

The College used the referencing guidelines set out by The University of Bolton. A guide to Bolton's Harvard referencing can be found here

This has been devised as a simple library guide to help students use Harvard referencing.
Please see your tutor to ensure you are aware of the correct format required for your course.