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Cultural Capital: Gender & Sexuality

Guide to support events in the Library, College and the wider environment.
About Gender and Sexuality
Everyone has a Sex, Gender and Sexuality and it is an individual's personal choice as to whether they wish to share these details with anyone else.
A person's sex is defined by biological attributes and make us Male or Female, a person born with the biological attributes of both sexes are known as Intersex.
While a person is born a certain sex, it is possible to reassign these attributes through surgery.
Gender describes how people psychologically feel about themselves, their sexual identity.
A person might identity themselves as being the same sex as they were assigned at birth, the opposite, or neither.
The sexual orientation of a person is described as their sexuality and descibes their emotional and sexual attraction to others.
Sexual attraction can be towards people of the opposite sex, the same sex, either sexes, or people may not feel an attraction to either.
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