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Culture and Wellbeing: Diversity & Inclusion

Guide to support events in the Library, College and the wider environment.
About Diversity and Inclusion
Everyone is different, not one person is every going to be exactly the same as any other.
Differences between people could include ethnicity, age, religion, beliefs, abilities, disabilities, gender, sexual orientation, and education.
The opinions and experiences a person has often shape who they are and where they see themselves, and others, within the world.
The expression of all the things that make us who we are as individuals.
The acceptance of every individual for who they are, and how their uniqueness contributes to a better society.
Being inclusive does not mean you necessarily have to agree with the opinions or choices of someone else, but that you acknowledge that everyone has a right to have their own opinions, beliefs and characteristics.
At the heart of Diversity and Inclusion is a mutual respect and appreciation that all the different dimensions which make up a person, also help make up our society.

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