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Cultural Capital: Health & Wellbeing

Guide to support events in the Library, College and the wider environment.
About Health and Wellbeing
Without your health and wellbeing you are unable to effectively operate at your true potential.
There is not a single, one size fits all, solution to successful health and wellbeing and it requires participation, dedication and determination.
This Health and Wellbeing guide sets out a number of resources available to staff and students.
We hope you will find something here that inspires you and helps you make informed healthy choices.

Books about Health, Fitness and Well-being

There are plenty of books in the library on health, fitness and well-being to find out more about a topic that interests you. Some of the fitness books include exercises and practical tips. There are also lots of cookery books including healthy eating diets such as fat-free, vegan and vegetarian. 

Subject Shelf Mark
Anatomy & Physiology 612
Diet & Nutrition 613.2
Cookery Books 641.5
Alternative Therapy eg. Aromatherapy, Reflexology 615.5
Fitness 613.7
Sport 796

Library Print books


Magazines about Health and Fitness

Finding magazine articles on health and fitness is easy - try these steps to find the information you need.

For print magazines, ask at the library counter in the Hockney Library. We have Women's Fitness and BBC Food in the journals area. You can't take magazines out of the library, but you can photograph them with your phone, or photocopy the articles you are interested in. 

For online articles about Fitness & Health issues, try Issues Online Health & Fitness page. Click on the link, then select the topic you would like to look at. For example, look at Food and Diet, Fitness, Mental Health, Dietary Choices, Stress, Sport, or Global Health.  If you are at home, you will need to click on login, then click on the orange button and follow the instructions.  From these pages you can find news stories, articles, infographics and charts, key facts and recommended websites. You can use all these resources to write your own article!