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Using the Library: Study Booths

A few basics to help new and existing Library users at Bradford College.
bookable study booth
Study Booths
The Library has four Study Booths that you can book if you want to work either by yourself or in a small group. We have three booths that will fit up to four people and one that will fit up to six people. They all come with power and have their own light and a fan.
If you want to use one of the booths please come and ask at the Library Desk. 
If you book online please come to the Enquiries Counter and collect your Booth Pass before starting your session.
To find out how to book and for the terms and conditions of using a booth please see below.

How to book a booth

There are two ways to book one of the Library Study Booths.

You can book from the Library Enquiries Desk or you can book one yourself by following this link.

You will need to login using your College number and PIN, this should be the year you were born.

Then click the  button.

This will open the a box to allow you to choose when you want to book a booth.

Choose the start date and end date and times you want to use the booth.  Also enter how many people you want in the booth. Remember you can only book a booth once a day for up to two hours.

Click Check Room Availability.

Now choose which Booth you want to use.

After you click Select Room, you can have an email sent to you confirming your booking.

Booth Booking Terms and Conditions

Use of Study Booths
Bradford College Library provides booths in the David Hockney for students and staff to use for study and work purposes.
These are only available for use booking in advance.
These booths are located as follows
Booth A
1 - 6 Users
Hockney Library Main Floor
Booth B
1 - 4 Users
Hockney Library Main Floor
Booth C
1 - 4 Users
Hockney Library Main Floor
Booth D
1 - 4 Users
Hockney Library Main Floor
Advance booking
  • Booths must be booked before use at the Library Enquiry  Desk.
  • Booths can only be booked for times when the Library is open.
  • Bookings can be made for up to 2 hours in advance. Only one booking can be made in a day.
  • If a booth is in use by students other than those that booked it, they will be expected to leave. Please ask a member of library staff if there are any problems.
Students using a study booth are expected to:
  • ensure that they or one of the people in their group have a current booking in the booth they are using
  • there must be a Booth Pass on display whilst the booth is being used
  • all users must register their College numbers at the desk at their arrival
  • arrive promptly at the start of their booking time, and leave when their booking ends
  • if students don't arrive in the first fifteen minutes of a booking we will assume they are not coming and may cancel that booking to allow another group to use that booth 
  • use the booths for study purposes only
  • make sure the booth is left tidy, clean and fit for use
  • refrain from eating in the booths
  • all drinks are in containers with lids
  • have their College card with them whilst in a booth and show it to a member of staff if asked.
  • not exceed the maximum users of a booth
  • ensure valuables are not left unattended in the booth
  • the Booth Pass must be returned at the end of a session
If a student is found not to be following these T&Cs, they will be blocked from booking the booths and asked to leave if found using a booth.