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Customer Service: Customer Service

Customer Service

The Library is committed to providing high-quality customer service in partnership with our library users.
Our strategic priority is to: Maintain a student-focused library service that meets the diverse needs of all student groups and positively enriches the student experience.

Our Promise to You

We are committed to providing an excellent experience for all library users.
Our Customer Charter is our promise to you of what you can expect from us.

Our Service Standards

A staffed Library Information Desk and Library Chat will be available during the opening times advertised on the Library web site.

E-mail enquiries will receive an answer or an acknowledgement within 2 working days.

All courses will have a named Academic Liaison Librarian and an online subject guide 

We will deal with orders and requests for material efficiently, and ensure that books are made available as soon as possible.

Returned items will be shelved within 24 hours to maintain a well-ordered book stock.

Requests for items will be satisfied within 24 hours of a requested item being made available in the Library.

Latest issue of a print journal issue will be displayed on the Journal shelves in the Library within 5 working days.

We will contribute to the student experience through a broad range of Library initiatives and activities that mirror college themes and national campaigns where appropriate

We will provide an initial response to feedback, enquiries and complaints within 3 working days.

We are committed to running regular surveys, 'stop-and-ask', Library Champion groups and other ways of gaining feedback from library users on our services.
You can read the results of previous surveys in the reports below:

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