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Law (HE): Legal Skills and Mooting

Legal Skills and Mooting

Textbooks for Legal Skills
Books are available which cover all topics of Legal Skills. Click here for your reading list. These include chapters on research, critical thinking, mooting, drafting, interviews, negotiation, and people skills.  Examples are Cherkassky Legal Skills, Finch & Fafinski Legal Skills, and the e-book Skills for Lawyers. For Legal reasoning, try Unlocking Legal Learning and Learning Legal Rules which are useful to understand how to study, research, and understand the law.  You can also find books on Negotiation, Communication & Writing Skills, and Employability elsewhere in the library.
For Mooting, you will have to refer to the full text of key cases relating to your topic, and not rely on summaries in textbooks.  You will also have to provide copies of the case in the full-text. The library holds the All England Law Reports in bound volumes, arranged by year, and the historical set of reports The English Reports are in the Moot Court in Lister. It is useful to famliarise yourself with printed reports but most students now access law reports online via Westlaw (Weekly Law Reports, English Reports) or LexisLibrary (All ER).   Both databases also include the main set of law reports called The Law Reports, and other specialist reports.  Where available, print the PDF version of the case, which will give you the true appearance and layout as originally published in the Reports.  The databases also include consolidated legislation so you can find the most recent version of the Acts.
Practitioners Texts
Westlaw also provides access to key Practitioner texts which you may want to refer to. From the Books tab you can access titles such as Archbold Criminal Pleading: Evidence & Practice, and the White Book for the latest version of Civil Procedure Rules, practice directions and commentary.
Journals and Newspapers
Practitioner journals provide news and opinions on current legal issues, and some contain careers information.  The Law Society Gazette is available in the Law Library and on LexisLibrary, which also includes the New Law Journal. It is also worth looking at their websites and that of Solicitors Journal. 

Key Textbooks