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Law (HE): EU Law

EU Law

Textbooks. Textbooks explain the fundamentals of the law. EU Law books are found in the Library on the Ground Floor of the David Hockney Building at 341.2422.  Recommended textbooks include Fairhurst Law of the European UnionUnlocking EU Law, and Foundations of European Union Law (some also available as e-books).

Case Books. Case books explain the law through a selection of the key cases of the subject, illustrating legal principles and how decisions are made.  The key casebooks for EU Law are Weatherill, Cases and Materials on EU Law, Chalmers European Union Law, and Craig, EU Law.

Further Reading / Advanced Books. These provide information at a more advanced level and will be useful as you become familiar with the subject.  Titles include The Substantive Law of the EU and EU Procedural Law.    

Case reports. EU case law is made up of judgements from the European Court of Justice (ECJ) and the General Court (formerly called the Court of First Instance), which interpret EU legislation.  Court decisions can be found on the EUR-Lex website which publishes the European Court Reports (ECR), the official reports of the European Courts of Justice, and The Official Journal of the European Union (Official Journal C) which publishes brief details of cases.  The Curia website is the official website of the ECJ and has transcripts of Decisions and is easier to use  

Where possible, refer to the European Court Reports, followed by the Common Market Law Reports available on Westlaw which include reports from the European Courts, the European Commission, and national courts and tribunals.  LexisLibrary includes All ER: European Cases

EU Legislation. All European Union law is drawn from the Treaties which form the primary legislation of the EU, and EU regulations, directives and decisions which form secondary legislation.  Use the EUR-Lex website, or Westlaw (EU tab) for Treaties or Legislation.

Encyclopedia and Digests. The Digest contains summaries of case law dating back to 1500.  It includes cases from the England & Wales, Scotland, Commonwealth, EU, and European Court of Human Justice.

Halsbury’s Laws of England is an authoritative encyclopaedia of law in the England and Wales, arranged by subject.  EU Law is in Volume 47A and Constitutional Law is in Volume 20, part 1. Halsbury’s Laws are available in print or via LexisLibrary.

Journals and Newspapers. Journals provide commentary on cases, and advanced discussion of legal issues.  They are published weekly, monthly or quarterly, and the majority are now available online. Use the main journals tab in Westlaw and Lexis to find articles In Westlaw International, click on World Journals and Law Reviews link.

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