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Distance Learners: IT

Your IT account

As a member of College  you have an IT account, this account gives you to access your a college Email account  Office 365, Moodle, Library Electronic Resources. You can access these from the College webpage.

Also if you happen to be visiting campus you can log onto any of the college pc's.

To access your IT account you have to use a College logon consisting of a username and password, to find out about these see the Activating your IT account section below.

Activating your IT account

Your username and password

Your College Username consists of  your 8 digit  student number/Learner ID.

If you have a college card you can find it there.


You will use this with your College password to access most of the College's online resources.

Your initial password is made up of your initials and date of birth. 

The first letter of your first name (lower case), followed by -  

Your date of birth as six numbers (DDMMYY) followed by -

The first letter of your surname (lower case).

Example login -  Theresa Library has a student ID 10082523 and was born on 4th May 1999

Username 10082523

password  t040599l

Once you have logged into your account, you must change the password to enable you to use Moodle and Library Electronic Resources. 

Students off-campus can change their password by using Access Manager - see the Access Manager section

For further information about activating your IT account go to  Activating your IT account




Access Manager

Click on the link below to go to Access Manager, where you can change your password and set up security prompts in case you forget your password. 

Access Manager

If you have any problems with your IT account, you can look here for more information 

Your IT Account;

Alternatively email your course tutor and ask them to contact IT on your behalf to reset your password.

How to Access College IT

Here you can short guides on accessing College IT.