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Business (FE): Industry & Company reports

Why use Industry Reports?

Industry reports are written by analysts who research sources such as government reports, industry associations, company financial statements etc to provide information on leading companies, new entrants, key suppliers, market trends and the economic environment in which the industry operates. Reports are regularly updated to ensure that the information is current and accurate.

What reports do we have in the library?

All our industry reports available in electronic form from different suppliers  Statista provides 42 UK Industry reports which offer Brexit analysis, SWOT analysis and management summary.  Click on Reports along the top bar, select Industry Reports, and then click on Show more industry reports. You can then choose the UK flag if you want to restrict your search to UK reports.  Use Business Source Premier to search for an industry (eg soft drinks).  Remember to add the words Industry Profile and United Kingdom to your search.  National (government) statistics are available online from the ONS National Statistics pages.

About Company Information

Companies produce a range of documents that can include annual reports, research documents and press releases.  These are usually available from their own website.  You may also require key financial data and statistics, or perhaps are looking for independent research on a company's performance.  It is also worth looking at the market report for the sector in which the company operates for analysis of external factors influencing the business.   This information will help you analyse how organisations operate, and what makes them successful, their strategies and styles of management. Use Statista for Brand and Company reports either in the UK or across the world. Use Business Source Premier and type the name of the company to find independent company reports by Marketline (remember to add the words Company Profile in the search box). Use Companies House website to find the data submitted by companies themselves to the government. 

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