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Finding Items

A guide to the classification in the Library
Finding items
library shelves
You can find books held by the library at both David Hockney and Trinity Green by using the Library Catalogue, or you can use the box at the top of the page.
You can also browse the catalogue by entering details about the subject that best describe what you are looking for.
You can sort your results by relevance, or list the most recent publications first.
Once you have found your book and noted down the title, location and shelfmark, you can find the book on the shelves in the Library.
Look for the signs on top of the shelves to help find the shelfmark you are looking for in the Library. The shelfmark is a number that says what the book is about, so most of the books on the same subject are kept together.
Choose one of the Library tabs to see a plan of that library and which shelf you can find each shelfmark on
If you want to browse the shelves to see what is available choose the subject you want from the subject index and then go to the relevant subject index.
If you cannot find what you are looking for, or the catalogue says the item is in the Library Store, then ask a member at the Library Information Desk.