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Finding Items

A guide to the classification in the Library
If you are looking for a  particular book you can use  the catalogue to search for a book by title, author or author.
If you want to go to the shelf and browse and see what you can find you can use the index below to show you where you can find the major subjects in the Library.
When you find a subject in the index you will be told the:
  • Shelfmark:  This is a number that tells you what the book is about. This means all the books on a similar subject should be found near each other on the shelves, so even if the subject doesn't appear in the index you will have an idea where to look..
  • Library: This tells you which Library or Libraries you can find books on a particular subject.
  • Shelf: This tells you what set of shelves in the Library you can find a subject is on.  There is a floor plan for each Library below so you can see where the shelves are.
To see in more detail whats on each set of shelves in a Library, open the tab for a Library and then choose a set of shelves.