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Information for Staff: Special Collections

Special Collections

As well as the main lending collection, the library has some special collections that may be of interest to you and your students. 

Reading Collection

It's not all work work work in the library.  Our reading collection includes a selection of books to read for pleasure, from Quick Reads to Booker Prize winners and reading club favourites for all students and staff.  The collection can also be used with level 2 and above functional skills and ESOL students who may want to widen their reading. Books are shelved in Hockney Library near the Art books.  

Easy Readers

Easy Readers are books written especially for students taking ESOL or English Workshop classes, and are organised according to reading level, from Pre-Entry level up to Level 2.  The ESOL and Literacy books are in two separate collections as Literacy books caninclude more colloquial English and different tenses which may be unsuitable for ESOL students.  However, we do encourage students to browse the collections and find a book that suits them.  You can find fiction and non-fiction books, graphic novels, photo stories, simplified classics and film stories. In some cases we have multiple numbers of a title which can be used in class or for reading groups. 

Teacher Training Collection

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