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Using the Self-Service kiosks

How to use the Libraries self-service kiosks

How to return items

Here you can find help on using the Library's self service kiosks to return items you have borrowed from the Library.

If you have any trouble please ask a member of Library staff.

Swipe or use the arrows to navigate through the guide.

When you have an item to be returned come to a self-service Kiosk

To return an item or items first press

Make Payment

You will be taken to the Return screen, you do not need top login to return items.

Place the items you want to return in the large opening beneath the screen.

The items you place in the opening will be listed on the screen.

When an item has been returned it will be marked with a  tick and highlighted green


Once all the items you are returning appear press

RFID Kiosk

Now place the items you have returned in the book box next next to the .kiosk.

You will now be a able to get a printed receipt if you want one showing all the items you have returned.

To get a receipt press

Print Reciept

The Library  will send an email your College account to let you which items you returned.