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Library ONLINE

Using the Self-Service kiosks

How to use the Libraries self-service kiosks

How to borrow items

Here you can find help on using the Library's self service kiosks to borrow items from the Library.

If you have any trouble please ask a member of Library staff.

Use the arrows to navigate through the guide.

Self Service Home Page

To borrow an item first press


RFID Kiosk

To log in you must use your College card.

Place it so the red light shines on the barcode on your card.

Self Service Kiosk

You will be asked to to enter your PIN.  This will be the year you were born as four numbers, e.g. 2001.

Then press


If this doesn't work, please ask at the Library Inquiry Desk.

Self Service Kiosk

You will now be taken to the borrow screen.

Place the books you want to borrow in the large illuminated opening under the screen.

Self-Service Kiosk

The title of the books you place in the opening will be displayed on the screen with their return date.

If you can't borrow a book for some reason, you will be told why and then asked to contact a member of Library staff.

Once an item has been issued to you it will be highlighted in green on screen, any items with problems will mbe highlighted in red.

Check all your books are displayed then press

You will now be a able to get a printed receipt if you want one showing all the items you have from the library and the date they need to be returned.

To get a receipt press

Print Reciept

The Library will contact your College email the next day to let you what you have borrowed and when it is due back


  Library Services Telephone : 01274088257
Email :
Visit : Bradford College, Great Horton Road, Bradford, West Yorkshire. BD7 1AY.