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Ophthalmic Dispensing: Electronic Resources

This the Ophthalmic Dispensing Library Guide. Here you can find help on finding and using the resources the Library provides.


Bradford College Libraries provide you with access to a large range of electronic resources which includes databases, e-books and electronic journals.

These resources are all available from the internet, and can be accessed via the Library Website both in and out off of College. A lot of the resources will also be available through smartphones and tablets. Though to access them off campus you will need to use your College log on and password.


If you need to find information on a particular subject from a book, journal or newspaper a database is the best place to start your search.

A database will allows you to search through the text and title of journals and newspaper articles, books and other on-line sources directly. You will often be able to customise your searches to get exactly the information you need.

Databases often provide the full text of an article but sometimes only provide an abstract or description or a reference to that you will need to be follow up using the Library catalogue or the Library website.

British Standards

Bradford College Library Services provides access to a number of British Standards using British Standards On-line. The standards shown below are the ones that the College has access to that relate to Ophthalmic Dispensing.

If you want to read one of the listed standards and are in College please click on either the standard's title or number and you will be taken directly to it. If you are out of College please use the link at the bottom of this section and then search for whichever standard you are interested in.

BS 2738-3:2004+A1:2008

Spectacle lenses. Specification for the presentation of prescriptions and prescription orders for ophthalmic lenses

BS EN 166:2002

Personal eye protection. Specifications.

BS EN 168:2002

Personal eye-protection. Non-optical test methods.

BS EN ISO 8980-1:2017

Ophthalmic optics. Uncut finished spectacle lenses. Specifications for single-vision and multifocal lenses

BS EN ISO 8980-2:2017

Ophthalmic optics. Uncut finished spectacle lenses. Specifications for power-variation lenses

BS EN ISO 12311:2013

Personal protective equipment. Test methods for sunglasses and related eyewear.

BS EN ISO 12312-1:2013+A1:2015 

Eye and face protection. Sunglasses and related eyewear. Sunglasses for general use

BS EN ISO 14534:2015 

Ophthalmic optics. Contact lenses and contact lens care products. Fundamental requirements

BS EN ISO 18369 -1:2017

Ophthalmic optics. Contact lenses. Vocabulary, classification system and recommendations for labelling specifications

BS EN ISO 18369 -2:2017

Ophthalmic optics. Contact lenses. Tolerances

BS EN ISO 18369 -3:2017

Ophthalmic optics. Contact lenses. Measurement methods

BS EN ISO 18526-1:2020

Eye and face protection. Test methods. Geometrical optical properties

BS EN ISO 21987:2017 

Ophthalmic optics. Mounted spectacle lenses.

BS ISO 19979 : 2018

Ophthalmic optics. Contact lenses. Hygienic management of multipatient use trial contact lenses

Click here to access British Standards On-line out of College

British Stands Online have introduced a new security measure from 19th December to improve the digital security of the documents it provides access to.

In order to open documents from the BSI, such as those in our British Standards Online Collection, you will need to have a security plug-in installed on your device.

What do you need to do?
To access electronic BSI documents you will need to install the FileOpen plug-in.
You will also need to make sure you Adobe Acrobat or Reader installed in order to view any documents.

How do I get the plug-in?
To download and install the FileOpen plug-in you will need to visit the FileOpen site to get it.
If you are using a College laptop or device you may need to contact IT Services.


DISCOVER@BradfordCollege is a single search tool that allows you to search for keywords in your computing across the majority of electronic resources that the College Library subscribes to. This includes EBSCOHost databases, including Emerald, Britannica Online and a large amount of our Electronic Journals.

You will need to use your College log-on and password if you want to access DISCOVER@BradfordCollege at home.

a quick and easy way to search for the Library's resources

Electronic Journals

The Library gives you access to over eight thousand electronic journals, including issues published in the last century. These include both electronic versions of items we have in print and others we only through subscription to collections and databases such as Medline.

Electronic journals can be accessed from the Electronic Journals webpage, where you can search for a journal by its title or subject. Once you have accessed a journal you will be able to search through that one journal for an article to search through more than one journal at a time you will need to use DISCOVER@BradfordCollege or a database.

Some of electronic journals can now be accessed using Flipster that allows you to browse and flip through the electronic journals much like as if you were reading them in print. Though you can also search and look through back issues, click here to access Flipster.

To accesss any of our electronic journals you will need to login using your standard College login and password.

You can also search for a Journal using the search box below.

Search for Journals

Search Indexes

A Search Index is a internet search engine that only searches webpages that have been chosen by specialists. They are often subject specific. They are useful for when you only have a few search terms and need academically reliable information.

Search Indexes will often include additional information about the returned pages, such as a list of where the page has been cited and related works. This can lead you to further sources of information on your subject.

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