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Competitions being run by the library


Art in the Library. Elements of Mark Englert's artwork for the PlayStation game Journey have been used.
Elements of Mark Englert's artwork for the PlayStation game Journey have been used in the above image.
The Library is currently hosting a year long exhibition put together by students on the Level 3 Art, Design & Communication and the Art and Design Extended Diploma courses.
These artworks have all been based around the theme of Journey. These artworks don't just cover physical journeys some of them look at our journey through life and time
The artworks created include paintings, photographs, collages, fashion works and more. All of them illustrating a journey in some form.
You can see the artworks below or come to the Library to see them in detail and find where you get taken.


In the Library ...

In the Study Room ...
In the Study Room ...
On the screen (click to see) ...







The journey to the Art

How we got here
Getting to where you can enjoy the art in the Library has been a long journey itself.
It started with initial meetings between the School of Art and the Library to see what would be involved in having the exhibition and whether the Library would provide a suitable space. Once this was agreed it was time to bring in the students who were going to create the art.
Their journey began in October 2023 when they were presented with a brief on the theme of the artwork they needed to create and where it was to be displayed. The basic idea was to explore the idea of a journey. (You can see the brief  in the  full here.)
After they had a few weeks to think all the students involved visited the Library and see where their work would eventually be displayed. As they looked around the Library there was discussion on how they could do this, ensuring their work would be secure and safe whilst on display and also to make sure that it wouldn’t interfere with anyone’s use of the library. Some students had some very definite ideas quite quickly and were earmarking spots where their finished works could be displayed.
Then for us in the Library there was a wait until the artworks were handed in January, with a few visits whilst people came to check on their chosen spots.
Then in February 2024, all the artwork was bought to the Library ready to be hung. This process took most of a day, with students and staff working out the best place for everything, so all the artwork would look its best.