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Library Induction

Find how the College Library can help you during your time at College

Both Hockney and Trinity Green Library provide a variety of study spaces for you to use. Members of Library staff are available during our staffed hours to help you find resources and other queries you may have.

We provide study tables where you can work quietly as an individual or in a group, with access to computers and printers.

If you are in the Library we ask you to respect other people working in the area.

If you want to work in a quieter area in the Hockney Building you can use one of our bookable study rooms or our drop in silent study room

If you need a quiet place to work the Library has nine bookable study rooms, three on the second and six on the fifth floor of the David Hockney building. You can use these as an individual or part of small group of up to three people.

You can book a room for a slot up to two hours long from the Library Information desk, by phone, 01274 088257, email or using Library Chat. If we have a room is available you can start using it at once or you can book a room up to a week in advance. Though you will need to come to the Library Desk to collect a room key before you start your session.

All the fifth floor rooms have laptops in them, if you want to use a laptop in a second floor room please ask when you collect your room key.

The Library also has a drop in silent study room you can use for as long as you like on the second floor.

If you want to use this room please come and ask at the Library Information Desk in the Hockney Building.

If you are using the room and you think someone is not using it appropiately there is a QR code that you can scan to let a member of Library Staff know without drawing attention to yourself.

The room will sometimes be booked for sessions or exams so please check at the Library Desk or at the timetable on the door before using the room.