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Access to HE Computing: Books


Here you can find some useful books if you are studying a FE computing course.

You can see the relevant books in the Library Catalogue by clicking on the book covers.

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Textbooks for A Level and BTEC

Useful books

Software engineering
Microsoft Office 365 for dummies
Windows 10 for dummies
Windows 10 in depth
Ubuntu unleashed
Learn Windows PowerShell 3 in a month of lunches
Beginning Visual Basic 2015
Java for dummies
Essentials of cloud computing
A dictionary of computer science
Wireshark network security
Wireshark  101
CompTIA Network+ exam guide
Networking : a beginner's guide
Connecting networks v6 companion guide
The architecture of computer hardware, systems software, & networking
Systems analysis and design
IT essentials v6 companion guide
Build a better PC

More Useful Books

Learning PHP, MySQL & JavaScript
Learning Construct 2
Pixel art for game developers
Level Up!
Understanding video games
The art of the Mass effect universe
3D game textures
Blueprints Visual Scripting for Unreal Engine
Manga : the mega guide
Big Data
Everyday cryptography
The codebreakers
Laravel - up and running
Weapons of math destruction
Adaptive web design
The Uncanny Valley in games and animation
Data analytics
Nmap 6
CISSPĀ® exam guide
The basics of hacking and penetration testing
Getting started with SQL
Access 2019 for Dummies
Access 2019 bible
Database Systems
Active Directory

Reading List

Computing Dewey

Computer Science
Items in this area the selection and use of computer hardware; electronic computers; computer systems, central processing units computer reliability; interactive, online processing and data processing.
004 Computer Science
004.1 Types of Computer
004.2 Systems  Analysis and Design
004.3 Processing Modes
004.5 Storage
004.6 Interfacing and communications
004.65 Computer Networks
004.678 Internet
004.68 Local Area Networks
004.7 Periphials
Computer programming, programs and data
Items in this section are guides on programming, as well as guides for specific languages such as C++, how to guides for using programs and methods of data processing security.
005 Computer programming, programs, data, security
005.1 Programming and Software Engineering
005.133 Programming Languages
005.2  Programming for specific types of computers, operating systems, and user interfaces
005.3 Programs
005.4 Systems programming and programs
005.5 General purpose application programs
005.7 Data in Computer Systems
005.8 Data Security
005.82  Data encryption (Including cyphers) 
005.84  Computer Viruses
Special Computer Methods
Items in this section cover artificial intelligence, computer graphics and multimedia systems.
006 Special Computer Methods
006.3 Artificial Intelligence
006.4 Computer Pattern Recognition
006.5 Digital Audio
006.6 Computer Graphics
0006.62 Computer Graphics Hardware
0006.66 Computer Graphics Programming
0006.68 Computer Graphics Programs
0006.69 Special topics in Computer Graphics
0006.693 Three-dimensional graphics
006.7 Multimedia Systems
006.74 Markup Languages
006.76 Programming
006.78 Programs
Computer Engineering
Items in this section are about the building and maintainance of electronic digital computers and central processing units, computer reliability and general computer performance and evaluation.
621.39 Computer Engineering
621.391 Engineering of Mainframe Computers
621.391 Engineering of Minicomputers
621.391 Engineering of PCs
621.392 Systems analysis and design, computer architecture
621.397 Storage
621.3973 Internal storage
621.3973 External storage
621.398 Interfacing and communications devices, perphials
621.399 Devices for special computer methods
Other Areas
Items in these areas cover Cryptography, Business Information, Project Management and Computer Gaming.
652.8 Cryptography
658.403 Business Information Management
658.404 Project Management
658.46 Management Consultancy
658.47 Business security  and intelligence
658.872 E-commerce
741 Drawing techniques
794.8 Computer Games
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