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Social Work (HE): Induction Session

Books and Reading lists

Key points about books

  • You can borrow up to 20 books
  • Books are loaned for 2 weeks. If no one else requests your book, then we will extend your loan by another week. This will continue for 20 times and then we will ask you to return your book.  This will reset your renewals and you will be able to borrow it again as long as no one else has requested it

Key points about Reading Lists

  • Find the reading list for your course in the Books and E-Books tab
  • Reading lists include books and e-books
  • Clicking on a reading list will take you to the Library Catalogue where you can look for other books on your subject
  • You can reserve books by clicking on the Request this book button

Have a go at:

  • Access the Values, Law and Justice reading list from the Books tab
  • Read beyond the reading list:  search the Library Catalogue for Social Work Law


Key points about Journals

  • Journals are collections of articles, news, updates and opinion on current issues, which are aimed at academic and students, and sometimes people working in the industry.
  • They are published at regular intervals throughout the year which means they can include very up-to-date information, and they usually focus on a specific topic so are useful if you want more detail on your topic than provided by textbooks.
  • We have some journals in print, but most are available online via our databases. 
  • You should use journal articles rather than information from the Internet as they have been checked prior to publication and can be relied on to be accurate and authoritative.

Finding Journal Articles Online

  • Use our Discover service to find academic articles
  • Break down your topic into simple keywords
  • Write lists of keywords that describe your topic, separated by the word OR.  This will mean that you find any article which mentions one of those keywords
  • if you don't get many relevant results, try adjusting your search. if you are getting too many results, try being more specific.  If you are not getting many results, try using more general terms. 

Have a go:

  • Log on to Discover
  • Go to Advanced Search
  • Enter ethics and "social work"
  • How many results do you get? How could you narrow the search?


  • Narrow to academic articles (you are getting lots of books in this search)
  • Narrow by date
  • Be more specific eg. "Professional Integrity" OR "Professional Ethics" OR "code of ethics"


Key points about E-Books

  • We buy e-books from 3 main suppliers - this means that there are some differences in how e-books look and what you can do with them, depending on who we bought them from
  • Every e-book will give you the option of linking directly to a chapter, searching for keywords, copying and pasting quotations, highlighting text, and reading offline. 
  • Some e-books have limits where only one person can read the book at a time. 

MacMillan Explorers: Social Work E-Textbooks

  • Access this collection of e-textbooks directly to browse the collection. These books are not currently on the library catalogue..
  • Search for titles or browse by topic. 
  • When you log on for the first time, you have to verify your college email. Enter your email at the prompt and wait for a verification email.  This may go into your junk mail.  Copy and paste the link into your web-browser and follow the steps. 

Have a go at:

  • Access a reading list and click on an e-book link. Then click on Read Online to view the full-text.  Use this opportunity to search for keywords, browse chapters, adjust the font size etc. 
  • Access MacMillan Explorers for Social Work - instructions below. Log in, click on the Social Work tab and then scoll down to choose a library.  Choose a book, open it and try to search for a keyword, or browse the contents page. 

Practitioner materials

Key points about practitioner / practice databases

  • Includes practice guidance, scenarios, case studies, video
  • Also includes help with study and assignments on practical aspects of your course

Which Database?

Social Work Toolkit is aimed at students focusing on practical skills and knowledge.

  • Find resources grouped by module, including interactive activities and reflective questions.
  • Students have reported that the Law module is particularly useful. . 

Community Inform: Children is used in practice by social workers and social care professionals. 

  • These resources help reduce risk for families and for organisations by ensuring social work professionals are able to make confident, robust and evidence-based decisions every day and defend those decisions competently in court. They are trusted, essential resources that save time, improve quality and support learning.
  • Includes transcripts and podcasts from real life situations such as county lines,and problems relating to covid and the lockdown. 
  • Includes guidance on approaches such as attachment theory and direct work, and working in court .
  • Includes up-to-date research and case law.

Have a go:

  • Log on to CC Inform: Children and search for "Unconscious Bias"
  • Ignore the results that link to practice hubs - but click on either a guide or a piece of research
  • Log on to Social Work Toolkit
  • Click on the Modules tab and explore the resources for Professionalism in Practice. 

Accessing MacMillan Explorers Social Work

Go to

Click on the blue ‘log in’ button

Choose the ‘Select Your Institution’ option and select ‘Bradford College’ from the list of institutions.

Log in using a your college ID and password 

You will be prompted to enter an email address (one time only) - use your college email address. 

You will receive a confirmation email - this may go into your junk mail. 

Copy the verification link within the email and paste it into a browser. 

You should then be taken back through to the explorers platform and be logged in.

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