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Library Catalogue Help

How to use the Library Catalogue to find items and check your account

Putting items in a folder

To add items to folder From the results page (see Your Results Tab)  look for the link for the item you want to add to the folder.

To remove items from folder

Once you have added an item to your folder the Add to your Folder link will change to  Click (remove) to take item out of the folder.

Using items in a folder

Click on  at the top of the screen, this will open up a new link under it, telling you how many items there are in your folder. 

This new link will open the folder in pop-up window.

The buttons at the top of the folder  will allow you to do the following.
This will show you more details about the the items in your folder
This  will allow you to email the contents of your folder with a message. You will need to log into your Library Account to email.
This will allow you to download the contents of your folder, using a chosen format from a drop down menu.
This will allow you to print out the contents of the folder.

This will remove all items from the folder and close the pop-up window.

This will allow you to select all the items in the folder.

This will allow you to deselect all items that have been selected.

This will remove any selected items from the folder.

This will reserve any selected items in the folder, as long as they could be reserved normally. You will need to log into your Library Account to email.

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