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Health and Social Care (FE): Magazines & Websites

Information and library resources relating to Health and Social Care

Where should I start?

Journals are collections of articles, news, updates and opinion on current issues, which are aimed at lecturers and students, and sometimes people working in the industry. They are published at regular intervals throughout the year which means they can include very up-to-date information, and they usually focus on a specific topic so are useful if you want more detail on your topic than provided by textbooks. We have some journals in print, but most are available online - you can find a list here.  You should use journal articles rather than information from the Internet as they have been checked prior to publication and can be relied on to be accurate and authoritative.

Databases for Health and Social Care

Issues Online

Issues Online provides a reliable starting point to explore today’s most important social issues. It contains hundreds of articles, infographics, videos, assignment ideas and eBooks on topics ranging from human rights and domestic violence to drugs and alcohol. Issues Online is a really good place to start when starting to plan a research topic, or finding out more information. 


You will be aware that there is a lot of information on health issues in newspapers. Remember to try and get information that is more detailed, in-depth and balanced by using one of the 'broadsheet' newspapers such as the Guardian, Independent, Times or Telegraph.  You can find articles from some of these newspapers for free online. For the Times and Telegraph which sit behind a paywall (ie you have to pay to view articles), use General OneFile.


Print Journals