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Catalogue: Results: How to

Click here for guide on the results display shown on the Catalogue

Your Results

After clicking  Search   all the items that match your search will be shown. If you used the standard search function the words may appear anywhere in the record, if you used Advance Search  function the worlds will only appear in your selected parts of the record.

All matching words will be highlighted. There are options on the screen for you to refine your search or sort the order of results.

The results screen will show the a brief record for the matching item, including everything that will be needed to reference an item, including author, title and publication details.

It will also tell you where to find the book and if there are copies to borrow. If the book is an e-book it will include a link to the book.

If you want more information click on the title for the full record.

The results screen will show you all the items that match your search terms. 

If you have too many results you can use Refine your Results  on the left of the results.  You can find more about this in the box to your right.
 All the words that you searched for will be highlighted. Click on  to remove the highlighting.
Use the  drop down  menu to sort your results. Find out more about sorting  by using the box to the right
Availability will tell you if the item is in the Library, how many copies there are and if it can be borrowed. 
If it says reference it means the item can't be borrowed but must be consulted in the library or online.

The location part of the display is formed of two parts.

The words will show you in which part of the Library the item is stored. This could be the Main Floor, the Film Collection, the Schools Collection or On-line Resources. A  full list of the locations is listed  in the box to the right.

If the item is an On-line Resources you will need to use the  Click here to access online link to read it.

The number is the shelfmark and relates to the subject the book is about. This means items on the same subject will near each other on the shelf.

If you click on the item's title in brief search or your search returns only one result you will be shown the full record for your item.


You will be shown the full details of the item, including author, title, when and where it was published, edition, ISBN, page numbers and subject.

Many of these will be linked so you can find other items by the same author, publisher or about the same subject.

You will be shown all the copies of the item that the library has.

You will be shown the following for each item

Item Type: This relates to how long you can borrow an item or its format.
Home Library & Location: This tell you where in the library you can this item, see the box to the right for full details of these.

This is the number that tell you where you can find the copy on the shelf.

This relates to the subject the item is about and means items on a similar subject will be near each other.

Click Browse shelf to see items currently on the shelf near the book you are looking at.

Status: This will tell you if the individual copies are available to borrow.
Due Date If an item is on loan this will tell you the date it is due back.
On the Left hand of the results page there is the navigation and functional panel.


If you clicked to the Full Record from a brief record results screen you can use the      <<Previous    and      Next>>    links to scroll though the other results. Or use    Back to results   to return to the full list.

Below the navigation box  is the function box that allows you to 

  Reserve a copy of item if all  are on loan or an item is in the stack. Click here to see more about reservations
Print a summary of the item and its copies
Add to your folder. See box to the right to find out more your folder
Switch on or off your highlighted search results
Save the the record to your device or memory stick in a choice of formats
  Search for the item elsewhere.


If you want to sort your search result use the drop down menu at the top right of the screen.

This will show the following options to sort by.
Author: This will sort by the name of a person connected to the book.
Shelfmark: This will sort by the the number that shows what the item is about. Items on a similar subject will be near each other.
Date: This will sort by the date when the item was published or copyrighted.
Title: This will sort by the the item's title.


If you search brings back to many results you can use the Refine your Search box on the left of the screen.

Clicking on the > will go you a choice of options on how to refine your search. You can choose as many of these as you like

Availability: This will only show show items currently available  to use in the Library.
Authors: This will allow  you to show only items by a particular author.
Item Types: This will allow  you to show only items of particular format or that can be borrowed for a particular length of time.
Locations: This will allow  you to show only items that are kept in a particular place.
Topics: This will allow you to show only items that are about a particular subject.
Date Range: You can use the date slider or enter years in the boxes and then click  Refine Date  to show books published between two particular years
Once you have selected once of these option, you can select it again to show all the results again.


These are the various locations you can choose from the Advanced Search screen.  They will describe where in the library you can find the item.
Entry Reader: These are books that are intended for people learning to read and speak English.
Film Collection: These are our collection of films on DVD.
Independent Living: This is a collection of books for students on the Independent Living course.
Journals: These are items kept in the printed journal collection.
Law reference: These are the the law reference books.
Library Store: These is collection of items that aren't used often but are still useful, please request or ask at the Library desk to use one of these items.
Main Floor: This is the books kept on the ground floor of the David Hockney Building
On-line Resource: These are all our resources that can be accessed on-line.
Reading Zone: These are our collection of books intended to be read for pleasure.
Study Skills Collection: These our a collection of books to help you study effectively or get a job.
Teaching Collection: These are the Teacher Training Collection intended for people learning to teach.
Trinity Green: These are books that are kept at our Trinity Green Library.