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Media Makeup & Special Effects (FE): Library Image Databases


Here you can access websites providing images, videos and audio clips. 

These are generally subject to copyright and cannot be downloaded and used without permission or rights waived. 

The Image Database and Collections section below  the College pays to give you access and so you can generally use the content for educational purposes as long as it is referenced appropriately. 

Those websites listed in the Free Collections section will contain images that you will be able to access free of charge, though you will still have to follow any copyright restrictions and always cite and/or reference to give credit.

Image Databases and Collections

The Image Database and Collections below are ones that the College pays to give you access and so you can generally use the content for educational purposes as long as it is referenced appropriately. 

The following are databases that you will need to log into using your College logon and password. They contain images and media files covering a wide range of subjects. Click on the i for more information about a database or on more... for instructions on how to log in.



Click here to see all our Image Databases

Image Databases  



The following are mainly free to use for educational purposes.  They can be used by college staff or students and incorporated in to your work.   Don’t forget to credit if you are using them.  *As with all collections look at the website for terms of use.

Europeana Collections                                                                    This collection is home to the European Digital Library.  It has over 53,000,000 images and videos, covering it covering Art, music and Fashion.  They include some national libraries, universities, and other institutions.  Go to “explore”, then “sources” to see participating institutions.

Flickr                                                                                          You can search for images with a variety of rights, e.g., “no copying”,   “non-commercial  use only” or “full public domain”.

Free Images                                                                                                 You can use these images freely in any capacity as long as you credit the website by downloading their banner or provide a text-link to their website.

Image after                                                                                                                 Organised into subjects e.g. architecture, nature etc. with a mixture of download-able free stock images and stock images for a very small fee.

National Education network                                                                 Primarily set up for use by teachers to help in their teaching, images are categorised into broad subjects. You can registered and upload your own images to share with the community (subject to website approval).  

Visual Arts Data Service                                                                                                  This has over 100,000 images available from over 60 digital collections; including the new West Yorkshire Textile Heritage Project.

Welcome Images                                                                                            Primarily a Medical Picture Library, and yet it has added content to support other subjects such as history and culture.

Galleries and Museums

Many Galleries, Museums amd organisations have searchable archives. Some key ones are shown below: