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Catalogue: Requesting an item: How to

Requesting an item using the Library Catalogue

To request an item you need to find  it using Search or Advanced Search, on the Catalogue.

You can then  request the item using the Library Catalogue by choosing this option from the results screen.

You can also check the status of your Request and cancel them using Your Account on the Library Catalogue.

See below for more details on placing and checking the status of a reservation.

To request an Item first you need to find it on the catalogue, see the Search or Advanced Search, for help in doing this.

Once you have found the item you will be shown the results screen as below.

Click on to place your request.

If you are not logged into your account you will be taken to a Log in screen before you can to reserve an item. See the Logging in tab on the right for help in logging in.

Once you are logged you are taken to a confirmation screen.

The confirmation screen will show your details and the details of the item you are reserving.

If you click on      Show more options   you will be shown the following

Use the Request not needed after box to enter the last date you will need item, this will ensure a reservation will not remain on your record  when you no longer need the item.

Use the Reservation notes box to tell the Library anything you think they should know.

Once you are ready click   Confirm request   and the reservation will be confirmed by taking you to the Requests tab in the Your Summary of your account.

If you request  an item that is in stock, it will be looked for regularly throughout the day.

If a requested item is out on loan, no copies will not be renewed until one is returned which will then be put aside for you.

When a requested item is ready for you to collect, the Library will  send an email to your College email address asking you to come and collect the item from either the Library Information Desk on the ground floor of the David Hockney building or the Trinity Green Library in the Success Centre.

If you have already placed a reservation and want to check or cancel it you can from Your Account on the catalogue. You can log onto this  from any page on the catalogue using the Log into your Account Link at the top of the screen

Then follow the logging in instructions in the box to the right.

Once you have logged choose the Reservations tab, this will show you the following.

Title: The title and author of any reserved items. (click on this to see its record in the catalogue.)
Placed on: This will show you when you reserved the item
Expires on:

This will show you the the date the reservation will be removed from the item, if it is empty the reservation will remain on the item permenantly.

Pick up location: This will show where you will be able to pick the item up when it available.
Status: This tell you whether the item is ready to be collected or it is still on loan.

Click on    X Cancel    if you no longer want the reserved item. You can only do this if the reservation is still pending.

If you no longer want the item and its waiting to be collected, please contact the Library.


If you need login you will be see the following box:

Enter your College Number as it appears on your College Card.

Your PIN will start off as your year of birth.

If this doesn't work click on the link and follow the instructions to reset it or contact a member of Library Staff.



Once you have logged in, the log in link at the top of the screen will change to this.

Click on   Log Out    when you have finished with your account, especially if you're using a public computer.