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Accounting (HE): Industry Reports

About Industry Reports

Market and consumer reports provide research into the state of the market in a particular industry, the structure, the key organisations, and also trends, developments and SWOT analyses.  These types of reports are expensive to buy so the library pays for a subscription to certain market databases.  You can also find some reports available free online.

Use Industry reports to help you write business plans - information about potential customers, suppliers, competitors, trends in the market and external factors which may impact on your business. They can also help you to analyse an industry using tools such as Porters Five Forces, or writing your own SWOT report.

Why use Industry Reports?

Industry reports are written by in-house analysts who research various sources such as government reports, industry associations, company financial statements, economic and demographic data to provide information on leading companies, new entrants, key suppliers, market trends and the economic environment in which the industry operates. Reports are regularly updated to ensure that the information is current and accurate.

What reports do we have in the library?

All our industry reports available in electronic form. 

IBIS World provides access to over 400 reports on industries such as Supermarkets, Hotels, Call Centres, Road Building, and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing.  It provides an in-depth view of the client’s industry risks, opportunities, outlook and trends. Use to benchmark a client’s performance against the industry, identify risks using revenue and key ration forecasts, and develop business plans with the competitor and industry analysis.  

Business Source Premier  includes a selection of Industry Reports from a company called Marketline. The most recent versions are not always available - check the date of publication before using.

National (government) statistics are available online from the ONS National Statistics pages.

For Country Information, check Business Searching Interface.  Click on Country Reports for geographical, political, economic, corporate, & environmental information.

How to find Industry Reports

To find business reports, you should start by searching our library databases.  Databases such as IBIS World employ a team of market analysts to research and write reports which are then provided online. The library pays to provide access to these to ensure that you have content which is of high quality.  Once you get used to searching databases, you can save a lot of time because a lot of the work has been done for you.

Different databases provide access to different types of information.

Free Euromonitor reports

Euromonitor are an international market research company.  Most reports have to be paid for but a selection are freely accessible from their website. Download report extracts, briefings and white papers on a wide range of topics including consumer trends, industry movement, strategic planning and more. Titles include "Global Trends Report 2015' and 'Top 10 Global Consumer Trends for 2016'.

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