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Independent Living: Print Books in the Library

Finding Books

Most of the Library is arranged into subjects by numbers 000-999.  There are some other areas that have letters instead of numbers; such as 

RC - is The Reading Collection which is full of stories.  These are on the shelves against the wall. 

FC - s The Film Collection which has lots of DVD's that you can borrow -  These are on the round shelves near to the stairs.

JF and JFY  These are story books in a collection near to the Technology & Media  counter. 

You can search for books using the white machines in the Library.  To take any books or DVD;s out you can use the black machines.  Any problems finding what you want, just ask a member of staff. 

Finding your way around

The library is in the David Hockney building on the 2nd floor.

Use the white machines in the library to find a book; or go to the shelves and have a look  around at a subject area

if you cannot find what you are looking for ask at the Library Desk

Independent Living Collection

There is a separate collection in the library of books which may be of particular interest to Independent Living students.

These items are located on the wall shelves opposite the end of the Main Library Collection, near room 2F-31.

  Library Services Telephone : 01274088257
Email :
Visit : Bradford College, Great Horton Road, Bradford, West Yorkshire. BD7 1AY.