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Careers and Employability: Databases

Ibis World

IBIS World is a very useful database to to help you fill in application forms and prepare for interviews, such as finding out more about the top companies in your industry, or to get the latest industry trends.  Click on the link below to IBIS World and enter your college ID and password at the prompt.  Then you can browse the UK Industry Reports to find your sector (eg Retail, Manufacturing or Arts & Entertainment), or enter keywords into the search box. Each report gives you information such as the size of the sector (how many companies, how many people are employed), what the key products are, if the sector is growing.  You can also find out the key success factors and make sure you can answer questions on them - things like customers, product design, marketing, or training needs. 

Finding books and articles

Discover is a good resource for finding general information. Use it to search through most of the College print books, e-books and magazines/journals to find resources to help you with your job search. This can be for books on Interview skills, help in writing CVs, or to find the most up-to-date information on your chosen career such as recent trends, skills and knowledge.

Info Trac Newsstand

Use this news database to find current information on careers, businesses, and topical issues which may come up in your interview.  You can search for a company, an industry, or an issue that you would like to know more about. 

Skills for Study

Skills for Study is an interactive online tutorial to help you with your academic and employability skills, and includes a module on Employability and personal development.  This will help you with personal development planning, which helps you decide on your priorities and ambitions; there's also a section on planning for your future, which includes identifying the key skills, knowledge and attitudes required for work; and a section on writing CVs, application forms and preparing for interview. Sections usually take 30-40 minutes to work through, and include lots of activities and reflection to really tailor the information to your own needs. 

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