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ESOL: Books and Readers

English as a second language

Borrowing Books

You can borrow 12 books.  You can borrow them for 2 weeks.

After this time, they will renew for 1 more week unless someone else requests a copy.  They will keep renewing for up to 25 times.

You must check your email which will tell you if you need to bring your books back. 

Finding books in the Library

These are the book numbers for ESOL.  If you can't find what you want please ask a member of staff.

Most books are shelved in the main library, but your readers are shelved on the wall near the Art books.

You can borrow books from any subject, such as Art, Cooking, IT and Maths.  We also have a film collection.

Subject Shelf Mark
English dictionary 423
ESOL course and work books 428.24
Dictionaries in different languages 443 - 499
ESOL graded readers 428.64

What are ESOL readers?

Reading in English improves your listening, speaking, reading, writing, pronunciation, fluency and confidence.  

ESOL Graded Readers are specially adapted stories and non-fiction books graded at levels of difficulty from Starter to Advanced.   

A1= Entry level 1 (Beginner) - colour coded Pink
A2= Entry level 2 (Elementary) - colour coded
B1=Entry level 3 (Pre-intermediate /Intermediate) - colour coded
B2= Level 1 (Intermediate / Upper intermediate) - colour coded
C1= Level 2 (Advanced) - colour coded

We also have a Pre-Entry (Starter) set of books, colour coded purple

Self-study books