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Creative Media Production (FE): Electronic Resources


Bradford College Libraries provide you with access to a large range of electronic resources which includes databases, e-books and electronic journals.

These resources are all available from the internet, and can be accessed via the Library Website both in and out off of College. A lot of the resources will also be available through smartphones and tablets. Though to access them off campus you will need to use your College log on and password.


If you need to find information on a particular subject from a book, journal or newspaper a database is the best place to start your search.

A database will allows you to search through the text and title of journals and newspaper articles, books and other on-line sources directly. You will often be able to customise your searches to get exactly the information you need.

Databases often provide the full text of an article but sometimes only provide an abstract or description or a reference to that you will need to be follow up using the Library catalogue or the Library website.

Below you can find the Databases that may be useful to help you with your studies. Click on their name to access them or the i for more information.


DISCOVER Search is a single search tool that allows you to search for keywords in your subject  across the majority of electronic resources that the College Library subscribes to. This includes EBSCOHost databases, including ArtFullText, Britannica Online and a large amount of our Electronic Journals.

It does not include the College's image databases, these are available here.

You will need to use your College log-on and password if you want to access DISCOVER Search.

Search articles, books, journals & more

Useful websites for Creative Media

Here you can find some  websites that have useful information about Creative Media Production.