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Drop In Silent Study Room
The Library's Silent Study Room is now available for use in 2F29 in the David Hockney Building.
This room is for students to work by themselves without being disturbed by noise from elsewhere in the building.
If you want to use it you can just turn up and if there is table available start working, staying as long as you like.
The room may sometimes be booked for other sessions so please check the notice on the door before going in.
If you need help finding the room or have any other questions please ask at the Library Information desk.
If you think the Silent Study Room is too noisy or not being used appropriately you can use the QR code on the desk to let us know, without drawing attention to yourself.

How to use the catalogue

To carry out a search on the library catalogue you simply type what you want find in the search box.

You can search for an item on the catalogue by a word in its title, the name of the person who wrote it or the subject the item is about.

You can also use a combination of the above.

Once you have entered the words you want to find click   Search    and you will be shown your results.

See the Your Results tab for how to find your item.

For more information about searching choose the Searching tab at the top of the page.


You can use the make Screen Options drop down menu to make the Catalogue easier to read.

This will appear on every page in the catalogue.



You can choose to make the font bigger or smaller.


You can choose a different colour for the Catalogue colours to make it easier to read.



The standard Catalogue Search will search everywhere in the catalogue for the words you entered. 

If you use Advanced Search you can limit the search for just part of the item, such as the writer's name or its title. You can even only look for items of a particular type or that stored in particular place.

You can always find a link to access Advanced Search at the top of the page on the catalogue.

This link will take you a page where using a combination of search boxes, drop down menus and tick boxes, you can choose which part of the record to search, such as the title or the author,  what type of item you want to look or where it is kept.

Look below for a guide to the Advanced Search screen.

Once you have entered the words you want to find and made your selection click   Search    and you will be shown your results.

See the Your Results tab for how to find your item.

For more information click on the Advanced Searching Tab at the top of the page

After clicking  Search   all the items that match your search will be shown.

You will be shown a brief record for each item that matches your search with the words you searched for highlighted.

You can see below a guide to the results screen.

To know whether the item is available to borrower and where it is is kept, check the Availability and Location information as shown below.

For more information about  Your Results  choose the tab at the top of the page.


The catalogue has a Folder that you can add results from various searches to and then email the results  to another user, print all the results out, download them to your computer and reserve all the items in the folder.

Items will only stay in the folder whilst the browser is open, if the browser is closed and restarted the folder will empty.

To add items to folder From the results page look for the link for the item you want to add to the folder.

To remove items from folder

Once you have added an item to your folder the Add to your Folder link will change to  Click (remove) to take item out of the folder.

To open folder

Click on  at the top of the screen, this will open up a new link under it, telling you how many items there are in your folder. 

Clicking on this new link will open the folder in pop-up window.

Once you open the folder it will display in a pop-up Window

Use the buttons at the top of the folder to
This will show you more details about the the items in your folder
This  will allow you to email the contents of your folder with a message. You will need to log into your Library Account to email.
This will allow you to download the contents of your folder, using a chosen format from a drop down menu.
This will allow you to print out the contents of the folder.

This will remove all items from the folder and close the pop-up window.

This will allow you to select all the items in the folder.

This will allow you to deselect all items that have been selected.

This will remove any selected items from the folder.

This will reserve any selected items in the folder, as long as they could be reserved normally. All copies on loan or it is kept in the stack.


You have an account you can access from any page in the the Library Catalogue. Just use the Log in to your account Link at the top right of the screen.

You will now need to log in using your College number and Library PIN
Your PIN would have  started out as the year you were born, if this doesn't work follow the instructions on the screen or contact the Library desk.

You will now be shown a summary of your Library account with all your current loans and whether they will be auto renewed for you or not.

There may also be tabs that show any overdue items you have on loan,  the total fines you owe the library and any reservations you currently have.

Down the left side of your account screen there will be buttons that you can can use to see what you have previously borrowed from the library and a detailed record of your fines.

For more information about  Your Library Account  choose the tab at the top of the page.

If you want to borrow an item and all the copies are out on loan or it is kept in the Library Stack you can reserve a copy using the Library Catalogue.

To reserve an item you need to find  it using Search or Advanced Search, on the Catalogue.

Once you have found the book you want, lick on .

You will now need to log in using your College number and Library PIN
Your PIN  should be the year you were born, if this doesn't work please contact the Library desk during our staffed hours.

You will now be shown a Confirmation screen.

Once you click   Confirm reservation , the reservation will be placed and you will by taking to the Reservations tab in the Your Summary of your account.

If you place a reservation on an item kept in the Library Stack, they will be available by the next working day.

If you place a reservation on an item where all the copies are out on loan, any copies on loan will not be renewed until a copy is returned.

When a reserved item is ready for you to collect, the Library will  send an email to your College email address asking you to come and collect the item from the Library Information Desk on the second floor of the David Hockney building.

For more information choose the Reserving an Item Tab at the top of the page

The catalogue is available on-line and you can use it on anything with web access.

The direct web address is

Or there is link from the library webpage.

Watch the film below to see how to find the library catalogue using a phone.
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