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Citing and Referencing: Plagiarism

Simple guidance for Citing and Referencing.

Plagiarism in you work

Plagiarism is :
‣ the presentation of an idea, or work, of another person as your own.
‣ the inclusion of another person’s work without correct acknowledgement.
‣ the failure to identify the origin of a used source.
‣ the distortion or manipulation of a source.
‣ the inclusion of created source material.
‣ intentional and unintentional.
‣ a form of cheating.
‣ theft.

Material that can be plagiarised includes :
‣ data, reports, and statistics.
‣ assignments, dissertations, and thesis.
‣ images, photographs, pictures, and illustrations.
‣ books, journals, magazines, and newspapers.
‣ songs, sounds, lyrics, and music.
‣ television, radio and films.
‣ computer games and programs.
‣ maps, plans and blueprints.

Types of Plagiarism
The following are examples of how plagiarism can occur.

  • Giving incorrect information about the source of a quotation.
  • Quoting phrases, sentences or complete paragraphs without using quotation marks and referencing the source.
  • Rewriting another person’s work and failing to credit the original source.
  • Using text, images, ideas or theories without acknowledging whose ideas they are or stating where the information has come from.
  • Working with others, without official approval, resulting in near identical work (known as collusion).
  • Submitting the same, or similar, work on more than one occasion (known as replication).
  • Purchasing an assignment or dissertation from an Internet service and submitting it as your own work (known as fraud).
  • Inventing the contents of an assignment and falsely presenting it as your own work. (known as falsification).
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