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Youth Work and Community Development: Books & E-Books

Books and E-Books

Textbooks are the first place for you to start when learning about issues relating to Youth and Community Work.  Buy or borrow at least one book from your reading list, and use the other books to read more on your subject.  Many of our textbooks are also available online - you can find these on the Library Catalogue.

You can borrow up to 20 books for 2 weeks.  After this time, they will renew for 1 more week unless someone else requests a copy.  They will keep renewing for up to 20 times.

Use the library catalogue to check what we have in stock, whether it is available or on loan, or available as an e-Book,  and to reserve and renew items.

Module reading lists

Where are the books for Youth Work and Community Development?

Books relating to Youth and Community Development tend to be in the Social Sciences area of the library, beginning at 300

Youth Work is shelved at 362.7083, with the Sociology of Youth at 305.235 and Child Welfare at 362.7.

Community Development books are shelved at 361.8 with the Sociology of Communities at 307.  Social Policy books are at 361.61, and Public Policy books (which tend to look at political decision making) are at 320.6.  There are also Social Care and Community journals in the journals area, and Study Skills books for help with academic writing, reading and note-taking, and PDP.  You can use the library catalogues to find the exact location of your books. 

Some books are shelved in Hockney Stack. If you see that your books are at this location, find a member of library staff who will collect the book for you.  This is because we are unable to shelve all the library books upstairs in the main library.

Reference books cannot be taken out of the Library.  These are shelved with the lending books, so look out for the Reference sticker on the spine. 

I can't find my book

If we don't have the book you need on the shelf, check the library catalogue.  If it is out, you can usually reserve it so that when it is returned, it is kept for you to collect.  Please note that we will let you know when your book has been put aside for you by emailing your college email account. You may find that the book is in the Hockney Stack.  If this is the case, just ask a member of library staff and we will collect it for you. If we don't have the book or journal article at all, we may be able to request it for you from another library.  Click on the tab for Inter-Library loans to get more information. 


We have a growing number of electronic books available. E-books can be accessed 24/7 from outside College.

Find the book you need by using the Library Catalogue. You may also see links to eBooks in this Moodle course - click on the title of your topic to see a selected reading list.  You may also find links to eBooks on your course pages, or other library pages.

Just enter your usual College (Moodle) login when asked for a password.

You can print from eBooks but only a limited amount of pages.  This is to comply with copyright law.

Please get in touch if you have any difficulties in using eBooks.

Searching the E-Book collections

There are two main collections of e-books that you can search to find books that mention your keywords, either in the full text or in the description of the book. All your textbooks can either be found through E-Book Central or VLE Books. Click on the title to find out more about each collection and how to search and use them. 

For E-Book Central, you will see a search box at the top of the page. We recommend you choose Advanced Search which lets you choose where you want to search for your keywords (eg Full text, title only) and also to combine different terms.

For VLE Books, you can only search for your terms in the Author, TItle, Keywords or Series fields. 

Ebook Central

Ebook Central

You can browse and search for titles on the Ebook Central platform or search for a title via the Library Catalogue. 

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