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Library off-campus: Returning Books

What help the Library can offer you whilst you can't get into the Library

How can I return my books?
You can return your Library items in person at the David Hockney building.
Students have access to the foyer area and need to enter using the entrance on the Lister side.

DHB Atrium

All items, regardless of where they were borrowed from, need to be returned at the David Hockney building.
The return box is located on the left had side of the atrium.

Book Box Location Book Box location

Students will have access to the David Hockney building's foyer area, but not to the areas beyond the barriers.

Book Box

Once your items have been dropped off proceed to the exit on the Great Horton Road side of the building.

Book Return Animation

What if I need to return my books but am unable to get into College?
You can return your books by posting them to us.
A proof of postage will not indicate that we will receive the items you have on loan so we strongly recommend that you use a recorded delivery service.
This will provide you with a level of insurance as you will be liable for any items which we do not receive.
The address to send any items to is:
The Library
David Hockney Building
Bradford College
Great Horton Road
Bradford College

Will I get an email to say my books have been returned?
Please note that items will not be removed from your library record immediately.
You will receive an email when your books have been processed by library staff, this will be sent to your College email.