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Library Champions: Becoming a Library Champion

What Library Champions will do for us.

If you become a Library Champion you will be expected to

  • Pass on a comments and suggestions  on the Library services. This could be from yourself or other students in your department
  What does the Library do well?
  How can the Library improve?
  Is there a service we don't offer that we should
  • Make recommendations on stock the Library should buy
  Are there books needed for your's or another student's course that we don't have or is there just something you want to read
  • Attend meetings to discuss the Library.

There will be regular meeting once or twice a term, where all the Library Champiopns would get together and discuss the Library and what you and other students thought of the Library.

Some of these meetings might focus on a particular part of the Library.

  • Help plan for the Library's Future
  Help us come up with ways the Library could develop in the future. This could helping us with a particular project such as how the Library's study room, could be used and what facilities should be made available for student use in it.

What we will do for our Library Champions

If you become a Library Champion you will be expected to

  • Provide help and advice.
  There will be a member of staff you can talk to and communicate with quickly and easy, during working hours, to ensure any question you raise are quickly answered
  • Provide any training needed
  If you feel there is training you need to help you serve better as Library Champion we will look at providing it.

What you will get out of a being a Library Champion

Becoming a Library Champion will give you the opportunity to

  • Improve your communication skills
  As a Library Champion you will act as an advocate for other students in the Library, telling us their concerns and let them know theur replies. This will give yourself experience in communicating someones viewspoint in a clear and concise way..
  • Have a role to add to your CV
  When you are writing your CV this will give you a role that  you can add add to your CV, showing you have experience of  taking on a role that involves you in planning, communication and taking an interest in the running of the Library.
  • Make friends from all over College.
  You will have the opportunity to meet people on different courses that you might not otherwise meet.
  • Receive a voucher
  For every Library Champion meeting you come to the Library will provide a voucher.


Do you want to become a Library Champion: Apply here