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Learning Support: Alternative formats

RNIB book share

If you have a visual disability you can join the RNIB Book Share scheme which provides some titles in more accessible formats.  Visual disability can also include dyslexia. 

You can register yourself with the scheme and request a book; or if you prefer, ask the Learner Support team to try and get hold of particular title for you. Ask at the Learner Support desk on the third floor of David Hockney Building.

Go to   for more information 

Online formats

If your book isn't available through the RNIB, we may be able to order an E-book version or ask the publisher to supply an electronic file.  Under copyright, you are also able to scan the whole of one of our print books.  Ask your Learning Support Tutor or Assistant to help you to scan one of our print copies so that the book is readable through other software.  

If you do not need read aloud software, but would like to have the pages enlarged, you can ask at the Learning Support helpdesk on the 3rd floor. 

Large Print books

We have a small selection of Large Print books in the Reading Collection.  Large print books can usually be spotted by the Large Print icon at the bottom of the spine.  A list of our large print books is available here or you can ask at the counter.

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