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E-books: Dawsonera

About Dawsonera

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Dawsonera is one of the Library's main e-book collections.  The titles on Dawsonera have been selected by Academic Liaison Librarians to support subjects taught at the College.

You can browse and search for titles on the Dawsonera platform or search for a title via the Library Catalogue.

You will be asked for your college username and password to view the e-books on Dawsonera.

Accessing e-books using BF College VPN

College staff  should be aware that they will not be able to access Dawsonera e-books when they are connected to the BF College VPN.  To access them, disconnect from the VPN or use another device:

This issue does not affect students, as they don't have VPN access.

Help using Dawsonera

You can read all Dawsonera e-books online. Click the read online button on any e-book to read without downloading.

Reading e-books online only requires an internet connection and up to date browser. You shouldn't need to install anything to read online. 

The e-book will always open on the Title page. You can go to a particular page by entering the exact page number or you can navigate using the Table of Contents on the left hand side. You can also add notes, and search within the text.  Read Online is the only way to print pages or copy extracts.

A small number of the e-books on Dawsonera have resticted access. This means that we have a licence for only a couple of people to read the e-book at the same time.  If the title you are using has reached its limit then you will be given the option to add yourself to a queue.  This reserves the e-book and you will receive an email when the book becomes available.

You can choose to Download a book which gives you access for 24 hours.  Downloads are only recommended if you are using your own device as you are required to install software to allow you to download the e-book.  Downloads cannot be annotated and you cannot print from a downloaded Dawsonera book.  In the vast majority of occasions the Read Online option is recommended.

You will need to install Adobe Digital Editions or the Bluefire Reader app to download an e-book from Dawsonera.  

You can download an e-book to your mobile device or computer for up to 3 days.  You will lose access after this time but you can always go back and download the book again.

Copy and print facilities are not available from the downloaded e-book,  but during the download period, you can make annotations, highlight text and use Adobe Reader accessibility options.



Can I save an e-book to return to later?

Dawsonera has a bookshelf feature. You can use this to save books to return to at a later date. 

Click on the  next to book titles on Dawsonera to save them to your bookshelf.

This will save you from having to search for your preferred titles on the Library Catalogue or the Dawsonera platform each time you visit.

Can I bookmark a specific chapter or page?

You can't bookmark specific chapters or pages in Dawsonera.

Can I make notes on an e-book using Dawsonera?

Notes can be added to an e-book when using the online reader. It is not possible to add notes or annotate a downloaded e-book.



Dawsonera requires the use of Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) or Bluefire Reader to download an e-book. 

If you’ve not previously used Adobe Digital Editions or BlueFire Reader before, you will be asked to authorise the mobile device or computer that you are using. You can login using an Adobe ID or continue without using an Adobe ID by clicking “I want to authorise my computer without an ID” in the bottom left-hand corner.

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